I’ve run the epic 250km long Marathon des Sables twice now; it’s a challenging, unique way to see some of the beautiful Saharan landscapes that make up the east of central Morocco. I’ve filmed as I run, the idea being to give you an honest idea of what it’s like out there but also because I’ve had a camera in my hands whenever I’ve travelled since I was a teenager and it would’ve felt odd not to have one there. Running through the desert carrying all I need for a week on my back was fine, but running without a camera would’ve been way out of my comfort zone! Maybe in the future I’ll learn to relate to the world face to face rather than through a lens, but for the meantime, I’ll produce this sort of thing.

I’m inspired, always, by a mixture of Werner Hertzog and Bruce Chatwin, both of whom try/tried to get to the minimal truth of the matter. Like a Japanese artist working out how to portray a horse with the least amount of brushstrokes, the documentary film maker must try to think their way to the bare bones of what they are experiencing and then work out what represents that best from the scenes available to them. It’s an exercise in cutting the BS inside and out. I know that by doing this I regretfully alienate most viewers – addicted as many are to special effects and emotional tricks – but that is the sad price one pays for choosing to look with the eye of the heart; the deep soul demands reality and I am not in a position to refuse the order. Hopefully the seekers will appreciate.

Here are the first two short films, more will follow.